This is a guide on how to flash the wifi talley for the project on Linux.

Flash and Configure the NodeMCU with Linux

# Create Project Directory 
mkdir ~/wifiTalley

# Install the tools
git clone
sudo npm install nodemcu-tool -g
sudo npm install cli-progress  
pip install esptool

mkdir ~/wifiTalley/fireware
cd ~/wifiTalley/firmware/

# Download the binary file and config files 

# Flash the the Firmware --port /dev/ttyUSB0 write_flash -fm dio 0x00000 ~/wifiTally/firmware/nodemcu-3.0-master_20200610-cfe68233-float.bin 

cd ~/wifiTally/NodeMCU-Tool

# Upload the config files
bin/nodemcu-tool.js upload ~/wifiTally/firmware/init.lua
bin/nodemcu-tool.js upload ~/wifiTally/firmware/*.lci

# edit the talley-settings.ini, set the ssid, ssid password, hub ip, and talley name 
vim ~/wifiTally/firmware/tally-settings.ini
# Upload the last config files 
bin/nodemcu-tool.js upload ~/wifiTally/firmware/tally-settings.ini